A Soldering Fume Extractor by Powertech pollution control is the best that you can lay your hands on as far as the suction capacity is concerned. These are available in a very wide range of suction capacities that start from 250 cu mtrs per hour and go on until 8000 cu mtrs per hour. The soldering fume extractor works in the common principle of an electrostatic filtration and can control a lot of fumes, microscopic dust and smoke. There is also one large capacity equipment that can be used for multiple types of machines for the control and capture of dust, fumes and smoke. This product is thus used very extensively for the removal of mist, fumes, smoke and fine powder and this is done with the help of very specific generating sources. These sources include the following.

  1. CNC and the non- CNC m/cs
  2. An electro- discharge m/cs
  3. An induction hardening
  4. MIG/TIG welding
  5. Dip tinning
  6. Soldering
  7. A diesel genset exhaust
  8. Die- casting fumes
  9. A spark erosion /cs

All these can be fitted with the help of a self- balanced extractor that regularly has arms of various and different lengths for an added level of flexibility and this can capture the fumes from various generating sources. Thus you can also make very good use of a Soldering Fume Extractor in order to use all these suction capacities. A soldering fume extractor that is manufactured and made available by Powertech pollution control pvt ltd is obviously one of the best that is available out there. It is made of the best manufacturers and parts during its production process and this is what that keeps it going in the long run. You also need to use soldering fume extractor to the best of its abilities.