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Soldering fume extractor

How Does Soldering Fume Affect The Workplace?

In most industries and manufacturing sectors, soldering is an inevitable process. It is a process where heat exchange leads to air pollution. With continuous soldering process, the polluted air surrounds the work atmosphere and affects the health of the employees working in the close vicinity of such affected area. Therefore, it is essential to implement safety measures to prevent the pollution caused by the soldering process.  The Powertech Pollution control is the leading Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturers in the country.  It provides the best extractors which can eliminate soldering fume from the workplace.

Soldering Fume extractor manufacturers

The Soldering Fume extractors eliminate pollution from the workplace:

The soldering fumes have caused serious health issues such as asthma, breathing problems, respiratory issues, and cancer. The employees often take leave due to health related issues.

 It has affected the productivity and hampered the growth. The Soldering Fume Extractor by the Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturer is a boon to the organization which has resolved the issue.

The Soldering Fume Extractor manufacturers adopt a simple mechanism to absorb the fume. The polluted air from the workplace is absorbed with the help of a semi-rigid pipe. The extractor can extract fumes from a distance of 8 to 10 inches.

The polluted air is passed through an electrostatic filter that ionizes the dust particle and captures on the aluminum plates placed at the bottom. The aluminum plates are easy to clean and maintain. The Soldering Fume Extractor manufacturers provide high voltage electrostatic filter which can absorb particles of the size of a submicron. The Soldering Fume Extractor can absorb almost 100% harmful particles and fumes.

Highlights of Soldering Fume extractors:

1>    The soldering fume extractor can capture fumes generated by wave soldering.

2>    The soldering fume extractor manufactured by the soldering fume extractor manufacturers provide a wall-mountable design which creates space for other facilities.

3>    The soldering fume extractor has a bench top design to ease work operation.

4>    It  is portable and hence easily transferred from one place to another without any issue.

5>    The soldering fume extractor has a floor model design too.

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Use Powertech Pollution control for Soldering Fume Extractors

A Soldering Fume Extractor by Powertech pollution control is the best that you can lay your hands on as far as the suction capacity is concerned. These are available in a very wide range of suction capacities that start from 250 cu mtrs per hour and go on until 8000 cu mtrs per hour. The soldering fume extractor works in the common principle of an electrostatic filtration and can control a lot of fumes, microscopic dust and smoke. There is also one large capacity equipment that can be used for multiple types of machines for the control and capture of dust, fumes and smoke. This product is thus used very extensively for the removal of mist, fumes, smoke and fine powder and this is done with the help of very specific generating sources. These sources include the following.

  1. CNC and the non- CNC m/cs
  2. An electro- discharge m/cs
  3. An induction hardening
  4. MIG/TIG welding
  5. Dip tinning
  6. Soldering
  7. A diesel genset exhaust
  8. Die- casting fumes
  9. A spark erosion /cs

All these can be fitted with the help of a self- balanced extractor that regularly has arms of various and different lengths for an added level of flexibility and this can capture the fumes from various generating sources. Thus you can also make very good use of a Soldering Fume Extractor in order to use all these suction capacities. A soldering fume extractor that is manufactured and made available by Powertech pollution control pvt ltd is obviously one of the best that is available out there. It is made of the best manufacturers and parts during its production process and this is what that keeps it going in the long run. You also need to use soldering fume extractor to the best of its abilities.


Soldering Fume Extractor for Advanced Fume Elimination

Fume that emits during the process of welding consists of harmful gases and continuous exposure of this can be fatal and bring life-threatening diseases. To deal with this major concern Power Tech, after years of relentless R&D has devised most advanced fume extractor utilizing electrostatic filtration methods. Power tech is the pioneering Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturer, where superior quality products are available in reasonable price. This fume extractor, which is sold under the brand name Fume Killer, is deemed perfect for elimination poisonous gases from the manufacturing station and keep the environment pollution free, which reduces worker absenteeism remarkably thus enhance the profit of the company.

welding fume extractor

This is the perfect fume eliminator device, which can perfectly control almost any types of fume efficiently because of the in-built electrostatic mechanism. Fume produced during TIG or MIG welding, Plasma Cutting or spot welding, Fume killer is considered the perfect choice.

Being one of the leading producers of Soldering Fume Extractor, we have used the best quality materials, which enable the device to provide efficient service for prolonged period of time and can withstand harshest industrial wear and tear without getting damaged.

soldering fume extractor

As you know, electrostatic filtration method is considered most accurate yet inexpensive methodology to control fumes where the fume particles, in order to make it charged positive, are passed through like charged ionizer. While the like-charged fume particles are passed through like-charged grounded plates, it is forced through the collection plate where it gets deposited and pollution-free oxygenated air fill the work ambiance. It is advised to keep the collection plate clean as more deposition on the collection plate diminishes the efficiency of the device.

For the aim to provide universally acclaimed fume elimination device, as a trusted Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturers, we have come up with Fume Killer that consists a suction capacity ranging from 1000 CMH to 6000 CMH. Besides keeping in view the requirement of a powerful fume eliminator, we have invented another centralized fume eliminator which has as much as 100,000 CMH suction capacities and is enabled to eliminate enormous fume from colossus welding station.

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