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All you need to know about Mist Collectors by Powertech

Mist collectors are industrial machines that are used to eliminate mist and other contaminations from the environment. The mist collectors are used in different industries like metalworking industries, food production and many other industries. For example, the businesses that work on machinery that emits harmful gases and other pollutants need mist collectors and other pollution eliminating machines.

According to OSHA guidelines, it is mandatory to establish a safe environment for all the workers and make the air breathable. Mist collectors manufacturer are highly used in metal industries wherein they eliminate the different pollutants from the  environment. Along with installing a mist collector, it is essential to maintain the machines by lubricating them timely.

In the process such as milling and grinding, oil mists can be formed, and they can harm the people around. The oil can be converted into oil smoke, in which the oil starts to burn before going into the air. Exposure to mist for a long time can cause various health hazards like; the mist can cause throat-related diseases and skin diseases due to exposure to the oil mist. The oil mist can also cause respiratory disease, and long-time exposure can even cause cancer.

Mist collectors can also be used in food industries as the food processing operations produce different types of pollutants, which get collected with the mist and result in various health-related problems. Moreover, it is essential to maintain a neat and bacteria-free environment for producing any food products. This is because the food products might get contaminated if not taken care of properly.

The mist collectors now come with various features; they come with a flexible pipe that can be kept anywhere to eliminate the mists. In addition, fume extractors are also used to maintain the quality of air in the vicinity. If the air is clean, it encourages the employees to work with their highest potential and builds up a faith that they are safe. Therefore, it is essential to choose a mist collector manufacture for quality and durable mist collectors to provide you with high-quality products. Powertech is a mist collector manufacturer, providing high-quality products for its customers. If you want more information regarding mist collectors, you can visit the following site:

How does Fume Extractor works

What is a fume extractor?

Various industries produce harmful gases in the environment through multiple machines and equipment. To ensure a healthy environment, it is essential to eliminate the pollutants.Various equipment minimises the pollution like mist collectors, soldering fume extractors, and welding fume extractor. A fume extractor works for the exact cause; it helps in extracting various pollutants and toxic gases and makes the atmosphere clean and breathable for the workers. It is used in multiple industries such as welding, sanding, grinding, spraying etc.

It is vital to install a fume extractor with all your equipment for giving a healthy lifestyle to your workforce. Powertech is a welding fume extractor manufacturer producing quality products for its customers. There are different ways fume extractor filters the pollutants, and the filters are both reusable and disposable. It is crucial to use fume extractors to prevent various respiratory, heart diseases associated with the risk of breathing in toxic gases for a long time.

Working of the fume extractor system

The fume collector works similarly to a vacuum cleaner; the difference is it does not extract solid materials. The fume collector is having a suction motor inside, which pulls the air inside the fume extractor. The air is then passed through filters to extract all the pollutants from it. The filters are made from carbon, which absorbs all the toxic components from the air. Several types of fume extractors are present for different industrial requirements.

  • Benchtop fume extractor
  • Portable fume extractor
  • Industrial fume extractor
  • Fume hoods
  • Ductless fume hood
  • Stainless steel fume hood
  • Custom fume hood
  • Ducted fume hood


A high-quality fume extractor has no maintenance. Make sure you are making the correct choice while choosing your supplier. Powertech manufacturers a range of fume extractors, which are efficient and valuable in various industries. The fume extractor comes with an adjustable arm and can be placed anywhere where the fumes are being formed; it helps the workers work in a healthy environment with better sight. If you want more information regarding fume extractors or you are planning to install one for your industry, you can visit the following website

How Does Soldering Fume Affect The Workplace?

In most industries and manufacturing sectors, soldering is an inevitable process. It is a process where heat exchange leads to air pollution. With continuous soldering process, the polluted air surrounds the work atmosphere and affects the health of the employees working in the close vicinity of such affected area. Therefore, it is essential to implement safety measures to prevent the pollution caused by the soldering process.  The Powertech Pollution control is the leading Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturers in the country.  It provides the best extractors which can eliminate soldering fume from the workplace.

Soldering Fume extractor manufacturers

The Soldering Fume extractors eliminate pollution from the workplace:

The soldering fumes have caused serious health issues such as asthma, breathing problems, respiratory issues, and cancer. The employees often take leave due to health related issues.

 It has affected the productivity and hampered the growth. The Soldering Fume Extractor by the Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturer is a boon to the organization which has resolved the issue.

The Soldering Fume Extractor manufacturers adopt a simple mechanism to absorb the fume. The polluted air from the workplace is absorbed with the help of a semi-rigid pipe. The extractor can extract fumes from a distance of 8 to 10 inches.

The polluted air is passed through an electrostatic filter that ionizes the dust particle and captures on the aluminum plates placed at the bottom. The aluminum plates are easy to clean and maintain. The Soldering Fume Extractor manufacturers provide high voltage electrostatic filter which can absorb particles of the size of a submicron. The Soldering Fume Extractor can absorb almost 100% harmful particles and fumes.

Highlights of Soldering Fume extractors:

1>    The soldering fume extractor can capture fumes generated by wave soldering.

2>    The soldering fume extractor manufactured by the soldering fume extractor manufacturers provide a wall-mountable design which creates space for other facilities.

3>    The soldering fume extractor has a bench top design to ease work operation.

4>    It  is portable and hence easily transferred from one place to another without any issue.

5>    The soldering fume extractor has a floor model design too.

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How Does Soldering Fume Extractor Promote The Good Industrial Working Environment?

The fumes and dust from the soldering process are inevitable. However, the fumes that get released in the process are suspended in the air. It contains fine dust particles which get settled on the machine once it cools down. This affects the health of the machine and also of the employees who are exposed to them incessantly. Measures have to be taken by the industrial and manufacturing sector to handle fumes released due to soldering process and safeguard the health of employees and machines. Powertech Pollution Controls have manufactured Soldering Fume Extractors which can effectually absorb the fume from the workplace and ensure the wellbeing of the workforce and the equipment.

Soldering Fume Extractors - Powertech

Soldering Fume Extractor- working principle, features and benefits

The Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturers have designed comprehensive equipment with an electrostatic filter and a fan. The fume from the soldering process is absorbed through a semi-rigid pipe. Then, with the help of a high voltage electrostatic precipitate filter, the soldering fume extractor by the soldering fume extractor manufacturer absorbs submicron sized dust particle. It is to be noted that the dust particles get attracted to the aluminum plates fitted with the filters. The aluminum plates and filters have to be cleaned frequently in order to sustain its efficiency and performance.

The soldering fume extractor by the soldering fume extractor manufacturers can absorb all the fumes produced by wave soldering. There are different types of soldering fume extractor developed by the Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturer which are crafted according to the convenience of the client.  The soldering fume extractor manufacturers had manufactured a wall-mountable soldering fume extractor which is ideal for a smaller area. It occupies less space and increases available space. A bench top soldering fume extractor by the soldering fume extractor manufacturers enables to work with ease. The soldering fume extractor is transportable, cost-effective and convenient and hence makes it more popular in the manufacturing and industrial area.

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