Our backbone of the organization, Mr. Philip Thomas [B.E (H), Electronics, B.E (H) & MBA] who holds the position of the Managing Director in the company, comes with a specialized & enriched experience of more than 15 years. He has a proven track record of management skills and holds the senior management position s for quite a long time. He brought in his experience of the Semiconductor industry into the air pollution control industry and thereafter started the manufacture of Electrostatic Filters using the best of the technology. The systems developed are a perfect system for capturing fumes/smoke/oil/coolant mist/ fine powders, as effective pre-filters for higher class of the clean rooms and even for the clean room applications of a class of up to 1, 00,000. As a result of the use of this system, the life of the expensive terminal HEPA filters is extended by around 3 times. Another advantage is in terms of possible reuse of the collected oil/coolant & even powder.