What is a fume extractor?

Various industries produce harmful gases in the environment through multiple machines and equipment. To ensure a healthy environment, it is essential to eliminate the pollutants.Various equipment minimises the pollution like mist collectors, soldering fume extractors, and welding fume extractor. A fume extractor works for the exact cause; it helps in extracting various pollutants and toxic gases and makes the atmosphere clean and breathable for the workers. It is used in multiple industries such as welding, sanding, grinding, spraying etc.

It is vital to install a fume extractor with all your equipment for giving a healthy lifestyle to your workforce. Powertech is a welding fume extractor manufacturer producing quality products for its customers. There are different ways fume extractor filters the pollutants, and the filters are both reusable and disposable. It is crucial to use fume extractors to prevent various respiratory, heart diseases associated with the risk of breathing in toxic gases for a long time.

Working of the fume extractor system

The fume collector works similarly to a vacuum cleaner; the difference is it does not extract solid materials. The fume collector is having a suction motor inside, which pulls the air inside the fume extractor. The air is then passed through filters to extract all the pollutants from it. The filters are made from carbon, which absorbs all the toxic components from the air. Several types of fume extractors are present for different industrial requirements.

  • Benchtop fume extractor
  • Portable fume extractor
  • Industrial fume extractor
  • Fume hoods
  • Ductless fume hood
  • Stainless steel fume hood
  • Custom fume hood
  • Ducted fume hood


A high-quality fume extractor has no maintenance. Make sure you are making the correct choice while choosing your supplier. Powertech manufacturers a range of fume extractors, which are efficient and valuable in various industries. The fume extractor comes with an adjustable arm and can be placed anywhere where the fumes are being formed; it helps the workers work in a healthy environment with better sight. If you want more information regarding fume extractors or you are planning to install one for your industry, you can visit the following website