Powertech Pollution control has obviously grown in stature in recent times because of the demand of a mist collector. Mist Collector have always been an area of great concentration for Powertech. Mist collectors are in high demand because of their great function of getting rid of mist as effectively as possible. The mist collectors here are available in a very wide range of suction capacities that start or range from 500 cu mtrs per hour and up to 8000 cu mtrs per hour. These are standard for any Mist Collector offered by Powertech pollution control pvt ltd.


Principle of the Mist Collector

All these mist collector work on the principle of an electrostatic filtration and can also control all types of mist and this includes oil mist as well as a coolant mist. There is also one large capacity equipment that can be used for various multiple machines for the control as well as capture of the mist. Thus you must always use a Mist Collector. This product is also extensively used for the removal of mist from various specific generating sources and these include the following.

  1. Induction hardening
  2. CNC and non CNC
  3. Electro discharge
  4. Spark erosion
  5. Die casting fumes

Also all of these mist collectors can be fitted with the help of a self-balanced extractor that can arm various lengths for an added level of flexibility in the capture of a mist from various generating sources. These centralized mist collectors can also be supplied up to 1, 00,000 CMH suction capacity and this is in a modular form. All you need to get a good suction capacity in the long run. This mist collector is best when bought from Powertech pollution control pvt ltd.